Last night my husband and I invited our oldest daughter’s family (who happens to have seven boys, ages 1-13) over for dinner and to watch Saturday’s Warrior together.

Wow.  We were all laughing, and crying, and just being together, while thoroughly enjoying this movie. It’s impact was just phenomenal, and the acting and vocals are truly exceptional! I think Lex outdid himself and pushed this movie over-the-top as far as making a show that just permeates into our souls. I simply cannot stop  thinking about this script.

Saturday’s Warrior captures every element of the assorted temptations of this world, mixed with the deepest of love and unity, all packed into a very normal family and their story of tragedy-turned-to-triumph. It’s more than just a movie. Saturday’s Warrior grabs you by the shoulders and reaches into your soul and cries, “Listen up! Your life has purpose. You are unconditionally loved and here is why.” The ups and downs we all go through as families can either break us apart or pull us together, and this family, in spite of all of their imperfections, shows us the way.

I was especially touched at the ending scene, with Jimmy coming “home,” surrounded in love by his family and embracing their new little angel, Emily.

After we all watched the show together, we all began talking excitedly about what we enjoyed about Saturday’s Warrior the most. It was a very lively and fun discussion. But I noticed that our little grandson Levi, age 7, was rather pensive. “What did you like about the movie, Levi?” I asked.

He looked up, rather somber. “… I just can\’t imagine ever leaving my family. I really felt so sorry for Jimmy. I know we can always work anything out!” His big eyes were so tender and sweet and I could tell that he was reminded tonight, in this movie, of how much he is loved.

When I look back at my own life, I think I might have had a little bit of the Wally Kessler approach to parenthood. As each child was born, I truly thought I would be “Mother Extraordinaire!” In some ways, with each new birth, I did feel more confident, simply because of experience, but, in many other ways, with teenagers emerging aboard, my confidence would go down the tubes. My own inadequacies and, at times, utter failures, stared me down. The waters of parental fear run deep and the weight of the teen years anchor us far from the safety of our emotional shoreline.  We second guess every turn, sure that we are going to run aground in our efforts to guide their course.  And at times I felt Satan’s age-old myth, “I deserve better” seep into my mind as I plodded on, leading a very average mom life.

But something about this movie literally reached into my heart and not only healed it, but confirmed the message of our prophet, “No matter how hard it gets, know that it is worth it. And you will find joy.”

There really is no other way to know Him and to make peace with that yearning for “more.” He has lit up the path, and if if we will walk it with Him, we will find joy. It’s basically that simple. We will not only find it, we will be it. But sometimes we can just get so darn distracted!

One of the most tender scenes, in my opinion, is the mother-daughter scene where Julie tells her mom that  Peter has proposed to her. When her mother reacts with surprise and a bit of disparity, Julie reminds her mother that she was also very young when she was engaged, and that “you and Dad are happy!” Her mom blurts out, “but we’re not that happy!” (I thought my husband laughed a little too hard at that remark.) lol

We know, deep down, that the two of them are happy, but they are also married, and the glamour of that all is over. They are living life. With a large, young family, including teenagers making their own choices, they are in the midst of the thickest part of the forest, so to speak. She just wants her daughter to be sure, and to know that marriage is forever, so to be wise and very thoughtful about it.

At the end of their talk, alone in the fields together, when she embraces her daughter, the mom expresses that she just wants to let this time together linger just a moment longer. The look on her face and in her eyes reflects perfectly the wisdom of an older mother who knows these moments are short and precious. My own tears began to flow at that point and would not stop.

I was reminded, in that scene, that for all of the joy of being a mother, with all of the mundane moments, with all of the work and toil, the many sleepless nights, the many heartfelt prayers and the overwhelming to-do lists, those intimate, heart-to-heart, uninterrupted moments are few and far between. And it’s those moments, those very moments, that make motherhood all worth it.

Anyway, I didn’t intend for this “review” to go on so long, but somehow this movie really really pierced my soul. I want to thank Lex de Azevedo for remaking it. When my husband and I were first married, our stake did this musical and I played the part of “Julie”  and my husband played the role of her true love, “Todd.” It remains one of our funnest memories as a married couple.

Thank you again. God bless you all.

Love, Kim B.
So glad we donated!!!!